I’m not someone who believes in theories of everything. I don’t think there is one ultimate truth or master narrative that explains all of reality or how we should respond to it. Similarly, I don’t think that all spiritual paths lead to same place. So it has become important to me over the years to get very clear about what I’m looking for from practice. Feeling unresolved and agitated by the following questions and opinions is what brought me to church:

  • Where are the people whose practice is love and who are leaning to love well?
  • Where is being an asshole, by definition, doing it wrong?
  • Loving well is not a purely a question for therapy! There are very deep traditions based in love and devotion and what they have to offer is much more than romance, being nice, or having good communication skills. Which of these traditions is the best fit for me?
  • The basic foundation of “love God and love your neighbor” as the foundation of the Christian tradition—what we are always coming back to—where we are always seeking deeper understanding—not as a side effect of awareness but the very core of what we are doing—this is what I wanted.

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